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Freemasonry is one of the world’s oldest secular fraternal societies. The following information is intended to explain Freemasonry as it is practised under the United Grand Lodge of England, which administers Lodges of Freemasons in England and Wales and in many places overseas.

Formed in 1936 at the same time as the house was converted for Masonic use, when its aims were to provide a line of communication between Provincial Grand Lodge in Worcestershire and the various Lodges throughout the Province of Worcestershire.

The origins of Freemasonry are the subject of great debate. That there is a connection with the operative stonemasons who built the great medieval cathedrals and castles is generally accepted by Masonic historians – but whether that connection was direct or indirect is the subject of speculation. 


Campbell Lodge No. 3643

Moseley Masonic Temple, Alcester Road South, Kings Heath, Birmingham , B14 6DT

Campbell Lodge warmly welcomes visitors to our website, please visit all our pages to discover more about Freemasonry and our Lodge



Through our website we aim to give an overview of our Lodge's current activities, history and traditions, together with some information about Freemasonry in general.

Campbell Lodge was formed in 1913, it takes it’s name from Sir William Campbell (pictured) one of the founding members. 2013 was the Centenary Year for the lodge and we had many events to celebrate this monumental milestone. The Centenary celebration was held very nearly 100 years to the day from the first ever meeting.

Campbell Lodge meet on the 3rd Monday of January, February March, April, October and November. we always warmly welcome enquires, please use our Contact Us page to get in touch.

The meeting place is Moseley Masonic Temple, all visiting Brethren are assured of a very warm welcome and can contact the secretary via the Contact Us page.

Freemasonry does not discriminate on grounds of race, colour, religion, political views or social standing