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%%Campbell Lodge

Campbell Lodge History

Campbell Lodge was consecrated on Monday March 17th 1913.

The Warrant for the Lodge had been signed by the then Grand Master - Arthur William Patrick Albert, Duke of Connaught and Strathearn, Knight of the Most Noble Order of the Garter


Warrant of the LodgeWarrant of the Lodge


 During his opening remarks the R.W.P.G.M was expressing his appreciation of the fact that the Founders had asked him to allow them to use his name and his crest he continued by saying "....this being a Temperance Lodge I am very glad to welcome such into the Province, as many outsiders thought that Masonry consisted mainly of eating and drinking, particularly the latter, and the formation of this Lodge was a definite answer to this charge."

Things have changed a bit since then!

The Lodge in the early days used to perform what we would now consider outstanding amounts of work. There were regular double initiations and it was normal to do multiple ceremonies on the same night. For instance on the 26th meeting in February 1916 the work carried out included a Raising AND an initiation; 3 Grand Lodge Certificates; Election of Officers for the ensuing year; Read the Provincial Bye-Laws; Read the Lodge Bye-Laws; Elect Members to the Audit Committee and Alms were collected 22/- (99.85 adjusted for inflation)